The DJF champions, advocates for, and educates about individual rights in digital spaces.

The Digital Justice Foundation

The Digital Justice Foundation

The Digital Justice FoundationThe Digital Justice FoundationThe Digital Justice Foundation

About us


Excellent Legal Advocacy in the Public Interest

The Digital Justice Foundation's legal team exhaustively researches issues from all angles to ensure that we provide unparalleled insight into the law. Our attorneys are licensed in California, New York, Washington, and the District of Columbia, as well as most Federal Courts of Appeal.


Innovative and Creative Approach to Law

The DJF's legal team rejects dogma and convention. Instead, we explore the entire legal landscape, drawing unrealized connections and seeing novel approaches and policy implications. 


Passionate Vision for Individual Digital Rights

We care. We represent all our clients zealously in advancing the cause of digital justice, with a particular focus on being a voice for underrepresented individual users and consumers.


Digital Justice Foundation, Inc.

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